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Kayaking   and tubing are popular activities. We strongly suggest avoiding the elephant tour.

The road leading 1.8km northeast from Rte 401 to park headquarters is lined with guesthouses and travel agents offering park tours and guide services. We recommend a two-day, one-night canoeing and hiking trip (per person 2500B) to Chiaw Lan, where you sleep on the lake in floating huts. Book through the park headquarters or any tour agency: the price is the same everywhere.

Khao Sok hiking is excellent. Most guesthouses and agencies arrange hiking tours (full day 1200B to 2000B); just ensure you find a certified guide (they wear official badges). The park headquarters can also line you up with a reliable guide

The park headquarters hands out basic hiking maps. You can hike independently from the headquarters to the waterfall at Wing Hin (2.8km). Hikes to the waterfalls at Bang Hua Rad (3km), the 11-tiered waterfall at Sip-Et Chan (4km). Than Sawan (6km), the most impressive and least-visited waterfall, and Than Kloy (7km) require guides.

Khao Sok National Park has various activities for tourists who like adventure such as trekking, canoeing, bamboo rafting or a boat tour to Cheow Lan lake.

Trekking Due to Khao Sok being a tropical rainforest, there are many wild animals such as “wild elephants, serow, tigers, Malayan sun bears and over 180 bird species to watch”. If you are interested trekking you can hire a local guide. If you are lucky, you will find Rafflesia Kerrii Meijer,[3] and visit waterfalls. Moreover, you can stay in the forest at night and cook with bamboo.

Canoeing and Bamboo rafting Sok River is a perfect place to relax yourself. You will enjoy beautiful views along the river. Most commonly seen animals for example are birds and fish. Moreover, the view of limestone cliffs, mountain range and wide sky are amazing. They have local guides for you to hire for canoeing and bamboo rafting.

Boat to Cheow Lan lake After trekking into the deep forest, there are many caves to explore such as Diamond cave, Khang Cow Cave and Nam Talu cave which connect to Cheow Lan lake. Nam Talu cave is about 12 kilometers[4] from the headquarters of Khao Sok National Park. If you a buy trip they will have staff waiting for you and boat you from the waterfall to the lake. These are activities that are suitable for adventurers. Khao Sok is not only a relaxing place but also exciting.


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