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Khao Sok -Eating

A small number of restaurants can be found on the road to the park headquarters. Many resorts have their own eateries.

Khao Sok has some of the most traditional and delicious Thai food on offer in the whole of southern Thailand. With most of the ingredients grown locally you can pick up a Thai main meal for around 100 Baht. There are a variety of restaurants located on the main strip of Khao Sok that all provide a range of both Western and Thai meals, and most of the restaurants are similarly priced.

For cheap fruit shakes that will set you back a mere 30 Baht, head down to Da Pipino Pizzeria on the main strip. Khao Sok also has itís own small Rastafarian Bar scene with a number of Bob Marley decorated bars located in the main tourist area. Head to Jumanji Bar for 100 Baht happy hour cocktails from 4 Ė 8pm, or to the Rasta Bar for some reggae tunes with sunset mountain views. There are a number of mini-marts located on the main street, as well as a few ATMís in town, all that cost a 200 Baht withdrawal fee.

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