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Canoeing on the Sok River, 2 hours.

Description: Canoeing is a very relaxing way to see Khao Sok from a different side. Our experienced English speaking guide take you on a canoe safari aong the Sok River. Genlty following the river you can see the natural beauty of Khao Sok, the evergreen rainforest and the limestone karsts. 
Taking a canoe is also good to spot some wildlife. Birds and curled up snakes can be seen at tree branches. If you would like to try a bit canoeing yourself you're free to try!

Price: 1200 Thb


  • Canoeing along the Sok River for about 2 hours.
  • Pick up at end point.
  • Transfer back to Tree House.
  • Drinking water included.


Additional information

Notes: For the overnight tours and jungle trekking it is advisable to wear sandals with straps, shorts and a t shirt. Training shoes are also ok. Big walking boots are not advicable.

The trails are easy going and you will get wet. Your boots will just fill up with water. The cave hve some intersting highlights like large stalagtites, stalagmites, rocks with crytal and some waterfalls.

There are places where the water is to deep to wade. You will have to swim about 5 to 10 meters. Don't worry it is not dangerous and our guide can take care of your valuables.

You will spend about 1 hour inside the cave, so you need a torch, headlight or flashlight. On exit of the cave, you will trek to the rafthouse where you can relax and swim and change to dry clothes.

When we go trekking through the cave, we suggest that you only bring your flashlight, water bottle and camera. (preferable in waterproof bag). The rest you can leave at the raft house

Departure: about 8 am. Arrival back : 7 pm. Have breakfast before you leave !

General information for all tours. Please read this section carefully. On each tour you will go into the (deep) jungle and on some tours in caves. Below is a list what to bring on EACH tour.

  • Sandals with straps. NO BIG hiking boots.
  • Always 1 set of dry clothes.
  • Dry bag, waterproof bag as you will get wet.
  • No valuables. Just a bit of pocket money to buy beer, sigarettes, extra soft drinks, etc.
  • insect repellant.
  • Hat.
  • Swim wear.

For overnight trips, camping, jungle treks overnight.

  1. 1 extra set of dry clothes.
  2. Flash light, head light, torch.
  3. Small first aid kit.
  4. Insect repellant.
  5. Long sleeve and long pants.



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